How to cure common shooting mistakes

cure common shooting mistakes

Shooting is not as easy as you might think. It takes a lot of practice and mistakes so that you can polish the skill. To make sure that you avoid common mistakes while shooting, it is good for you to know the common mistakes that either you or others have been doing and learn how to cure these mistakes.

Some of these errors are caused due to the fact that we do not have complete or full control over where our rounds are supposed to hit. Your gun aiming should be perfect as well as control and grip. To aim a gun you have to have set a clear mindset on the target and you also have to make sure that you have practiced and improve your skills. In this article, we are going to discuss some of the common shooting mistakes and how to cure them.

Resetting the trigger

The trigger is reset when the trigger has been released. In some guns, you will feel a slight movement of the trigger as it tends to reset and in some other cases you will hear a click or any other indication. This helps to reduce the distance which your finger moves when activating the trigger.
Sometimes you might lack the skills to reset the trigger. You will know this by the fact that you will not be able to control or use the trigger properly.
You can easily improve your trigger skills and control.

One of such methods is by the use of the penny drill. This involves placing and balancing a coin on the tip of your gun just above the nose and shooting while making sure that it is well-balanced.

There is also the dry fire drill. It is one of the easiest drills to improve your trigger skills and it involves pulling the trigger backward and making sure that you have pulled it to its limits then you let it go and make sure that the hammer doesn’t fall. Doing this over and over will improve your trigger skills and controls.

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Trial and error

Trying to hit a target can at times end up being a trial and error experiment, that is if you do not know how to use your gun more effectively and with experience. This might be to various causes like;

– Poor eyesight

– Poor sight alignment with the gun

Even though, this can be easily solved by using the dry fire drill. You can also try and learn how to intersect the gun whether a handgun or a pistol. This will help you to focus on training your mind to aim.

You should also make sure that you focus on the front of the rifle instead of the target to avoid scattering your rounds.

Low hits

This is necessarily caused by you tightening your fingers too much or at times your gun might be facing downwards.

This can be easily solved by reducing the tension you have on your fingers and also by minimizing your trigger movement. You also have to maintain your focus to ensure that you hit the object and avoid low target hits.

The way you squeeze your fingers should conquer to the way you squeeze the trigger.


You will notice this if your rounds tend to hit the high top right part of the target at 12:00 and 1:00. You will notice that this happens whenever you apply a lot of pressure on the gun using your heel as you fire.

All you have to do cure this is to make sure that your hand is straight as you shoot. This means that you should avoid bending your hand as the shot breaks and neither should you push your heel forward.

Shots at 6:00 below the target

This is mostly seen if you break your wrist downwards. You will also notice this when you face the head downwards and you lack a firm grip at the same time.

To prevent this, you have to make sure that your grip is firm and your wrist is locked firmly onto the target. Do not grip the gun too firmly as this might make your rounds to hit the top right part or miss the object. You should avoid breaking your wrist and also make sure that the gun is pointed straight at the target. You can also try and use the surprise break technique to improve your aiming skills.

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Know how to use holsters

To improve your aim it is advisable that you also learn how to aim immediately after pulling your gun from your holster. This requires a lot of practice and also you need a good holster to avoid any holster related problems. Some of the best IWB holsters like the crossbreed, the Galco, and the Done Hume are sure to work well for you. There is also the Glock 26 holster which is quite common too. These holsters will hold your gun without any problems.

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