What Everybody Ought To Know About Advantage/Disadvantage of Compound Bow for Survival

Compound bows are modern bows that utilize the levering system of pulleys and cables to bend limbs and give a mechanical advantage. The mechanical advantage makes the limbs of compound bows stiffer and more energy-efficient than other bows. Compound bows are a great improvement in the primitive weapons with the high rigidity and construction of the bows ensuring the bow is not affected by temperature and humidity changes.

Like any other weapon for survival, compound bows have their advantages and disadvantages. This bow has become quite popular in the United States since it was first developed in 1966. Compound bows are today used even in sports. All preppers need to learn about the advantages and disadvantages of compound bows so that they can make an informed decision of whether to have one with them or not.

Personally, I would recommend it but make sure you choose the best compound bow in the market. Compound bows are a great backup in any survival situation and come in handy despite their few cons.

Let’s have a look at the few things you need to know about compound bows; the advantages and disadvantages.


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Advantages of the compound bow

Compound bows shoot arrows for longer distances and with greater forces

This is probably what makes compound bows an ideal survival weapon. Shots from a compound bow travel for longer ranges and with a greater force killing your target instantly. This is essentially what any survivalist out there would want. To better understand how far your compound bow can shoot, let’s first discuss the “let-off” benefit. “let-off” is a term used to describe the event surrounding the pulley/cam as it rolls back.

The better the let-off, the easier it is for the hunters to draw the bow backward as much as possible. The let-off for most bows is 65%-80% except the compound bow which goes up to 99%. This simply means your compound bow will not need an immense amount of strength to draw.

Durable and holds up elements in the wild better

Compound bows are made of artificial materials like fiberglass and carbon making it holds up to the elements better. The boat is not affected by humidity and temperatures out there making it a great survival weapon.

High accuracy levels

Accuracy is a key point that must be examined when choosing your ideal weapon of choice. Compound bows are very accurate making them an ideal weapon for survivals. The accuracy of compound bows can be attributed to the rubber blocks that give hunters a wall to draw against. These rubber blocks also called draw stops can be modified to suit the chosen length of the archer. This results in consistent shots and increased accuracy. The cams are designed in a way that they control the speed at which the arrows accelerate.

The shots are not only accurate and precise but also quiet. In a survival situation, it is sometimes better to have a silent weapon that keeps you hidden and does not attract people your way. The experience with a compound bow is even made better with the addition of best bow stabilizer that absorbs the vibrations when releasing the arrow. This reduces the shocks felt in hand and makes the bow quieter. Noise from your bow is the last thing when hunting as it will alert wild animals of your presence.

Disadvantages of the compound bow

While there is no better bow out there than a compound bow, there are a few disadvantages you need to be aware of before buying one. The compound bow lacks that natural appeal that other bows possess. Most preppers will tell you there is nothing good like having a primitive weapon made of natural materials. Despite the pros of the artificial materials used to make compound bows, purists love nothing more than a bow made from natural wood.

The lightweight materials used to make a compound bow make it quite sensitive when drawing the string. Any minimal fault will twist the bow when the arrow is released. Your arrow will move from left to right and most likely miss that target. However, this rarely happens with good practice. After all, you have all the time to aim as you don’t require a lot of effort drawing your bow.

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Final Verdict

Despite the few disadvantages of a compound saw, it stands out as a great hunting and survival weapon. Compound bows are extremely accurate and require less strength when shooting. They are also quiet and fire at longer ranges. They are lightweight and can easily be carried in the wild. They are small and utilize great mechanics giving you longer and powerful shots with less effort. Their lightweight can also turn out to be a disadvantage when drawing your bow, but this can easily be avoided by being careful and avoiding any faults.

The attraction of a compound bow in a survival situation is its power and ease of use. However, you have to take great care of it to avoid any component breaking as this would render the bow useless.


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Brandon Cox loves everything hunting and regularly posts on his blog stay hunting where he shares his experiences in hunting giving you the latest hunting information. You can find more from Brandon on Twitter.

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