5 Things to know to have Body Armor


– By Manoj Bhardwaj from Hardshell Group

The body armor is made to protect the torso and the body from bullets, small-arms fire and light shrapnel from explosive devices. Body armor is often worn and legal for the military, law enforcement officials, police officials and hostage negotiators in life – threatening situations. Private Citizens, such as press reporters, hunters, gun store owners, VIPs also use them for their personal safety.

We all love our life and family and therefore we want to protect ourselves and our families from the life threatening incidents.  As such, we have a lawful right to obtain and wear body armor for private and professional safety.

But before that, it is the responsibility of the buyer to gain the full knowledge about the body armor that how actually it works. Also ascertain whether he or she is legally able to purchase and use body armor. Be sure with the laws of your state or country before having your body armor.

The Unique Weapons Body Armor Can Protect You Against

1 – Bulletproof? No it’s bullet resistant!

The real fact of the bulletproof body armor is that they’re not bulletproof, they’re bullet resistant. And this is the verity that bullet resistant body armour doesn’t provide the protection from every threat. Nothing is bulletproof, it have the ability to resist from bullet only.

blph22 –How The Fabric make it bullet resistant

Body armor is comprised of strong non-woven or woven aramid fibers. The fabric will stop a bullet by turning and slowing down the energy through the whole panel. Bullets of high velocity and hard tip can penetrate the fibers and can hurt the wearer. So it’s the fabric only not magic which can save you.

3- Only Carrier doesn’t provide Ballistic Protection

If someone is obtaining only carrier, it doesn’t provide any ballistic protection unless it is incorporated with hard armor panels. Without ballistic protection it is just like a normal shirt or T-shirt. So make sure you have ballistic panels for better protection.


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4- Choose the Right Way to place ballistic panels

Ballistic panels or hard armor panels are made in a certain way to get fitted in carrier. If the wearer has placed them in incorrect position, there is no promise of protection from bullets. The panel’s strike face is constructed to slow and scatter the energy of the bullet. On the other hand the backside of the panel helps to reduce the trauma. So if the panel is flipped, it will not work and can be dangerous to life.

5- Body armor must Be Rigorously Tested survivalmd_newcover

It is essential while purchasing the body armor to make sure that it coheres to the genuine protection levels and also must adhere to strict standards as these can literally mean the difference between life and death.

With the help of these standards one can figure out exactly what threats level of body armor provides and against which it will protect.

If you are not sure about the pros and cons of the body armor, it is vital that you must educate yourself before making a purchase.

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