7 Survival Items Every Hunter Should Use

Whether you are an amateur or a novice in the game, there is a higher chance you may forget some essential things that you should have packed a long time ago before you go hunting.  However, do not worry, this guide is meant to help you know the right survival items to pack. These things can assist you in case of an emergency, and whenever you need something while on the field hunting.

Let’s check them out, shall we?

1.      Hunting backpack

Before you go hunting, it is important to have a hunting backpack, that will be strong and spacious enough to accommodate all your survival items. A good backpack is made to survive any hunting trip. Firstly, it should have a strong design structure which is resistant to wear and tear.

The internal frame should be stable as well, even when the unit is full. Precisely, you should be able to carry everything you require in your hunting trip.

Once you are done preparing all of these survival items, place all of them in your hunting backpack. Remember, strong survival tools require heavy duty backpack, to have the right storage, great function, and protection of your items. Check Backpackreviewed for hunting backpack buying guide.

2.      Pack a fire starter

Fire is essential for any survival event. It not only keeps you warm when it is cold, but you can use it to boil water, cook food, and to ensure a sense of comfort, a factor that is essential when you are stressed.

While lighters and matches are a good alternative, they can easily malfunction when it is damp. Therefore, you should consider a magnesium stick because it is reliable, giving you a fast way to get your tinder bundle working.

You can find a fire starter at your nearest store for only $8. Also, due to its compact size, you can keep it safely in your backpack. You just need a sharp knife to use the fire starter.

3.      Water purification tablets

Water is vital for survival, even if you are hunting in a place that has a lot of it, it is still not safe to use or drink. So, you need to have a method of filtering and remove the water containment. If you cannot boil water, you can consider purchasing potable aqua water purification tablets. For $7, you get a container with enough tablets to remove up to 50 quarts of water from protozoa, viruses, or bacteria keeping you healthy and hydrated at all times, until you are done with your hunting escapades.

4.      A bowie knifes

Packing a healthy and sharp knife is essential. You can use it to do so many things including cleaning wild game, hunting, building shelter, starting a fire, as well as protecting yourself from any danger that may lack outside.

When looking for a knife, consider those that offer stability and can be used for a multitude of applications, instead of a compact pocket knife. The bowie knife is one good knife to buy. You can get for $30. With this knife, you can handle some severe wild tasks without ever having to worry that it will break.

survival items

5.      First aid kit

Carrying a first aid kit is a wise thing to do, for all the standard reasons. If you don’t have a first aid kit, consider buying one that has all the critical tools to make your stay in the field smooth, in case of an injury.

You should buy a level 3 package that can cater for minor cuts, scrapes, and sprains. Something will prevent any form of infection or improve your chances of survival.

6.      A compass

GPS batters usually die. So, if you find yourself in a place with the wrong location, you may end up walking for long distances from civilization. A good compass will cost you around $16: a tool that comes with a map and gives you accurate readings during the day and at night. Ensure your compass has a long-lasting base.

7.      Headlamp

A good headlight can be a great choice when the sun sets, and you find it hard to gather firewood in a strange place. With a quality headlamp, you can survive in virtually any circumstance. Also, a bright light can help you walk comfortably at night or provide the necessary light need to get out of the woods.

Well, this is an item you are most likely not going to forget to pack, but even so, do not forget to carry extra batteries.

Guest post by Brian Millar


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About Brian:

Brian Millar is the owner and author of Backpackreviewed. Brian spent every possible minute outside. His passion for the outdoors led him to earn a degree in Biology from Nebraska Wesleyan University in 2010. A guy who is trying to get away from his desk so that he can fish, hunt, travel and just be in outdoors!!!

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