The top 7 folding hunting knives to look out for

A great many people out there have a common misconception about folding hunting knives in general. And that is the fact that the sheer practicality element of the knife means that it will inevitably have an extremely plain and boring look overall. That is what most people seem to think, regardless of whether you are talking about folding hunting knives in the uk or anywhere else.

folding hunting knives

While that may very well be the case with a few, you can be sure of the fact that there are more than enough beautiful looking folding hunting knives out there as well. No one said that folding hunting knives can’t look attractive and still serve their purpose at the same time. You just have to look in the right places.


When most hunters go straight for hunting knives in general, they usually tend to give importance to a great many other factors such as quality, weight, efficiency as well as accessibility. These factors are equally important to look out for in folding hunting knives as well. The difference is that folding hunting knives can exude a sense of class and style while still getting the job done.


On that very note, let’s take a good look at some of the best folding hunting knives out there:-


  • DKC-37 Victorian Damascus Folding Pocket Knife Camel Bone: Not only is this one a beautiful piece of art, but it happens to be made up of the famous Damascus steel as well as a camel bone inlay. Specially handcrafted by artisans, it also happens to come with a leather sheath as well.
  • Buck Knives’ 100 Folding Hunter Knife: Being one of the top-notch hunting knives, it is also one of the oldest and most beautiful folding hunting knives in the market. The classic yet simple design has remained unchanged for many years.
  • Open Season Folding Skinner Knife: Yet another model from Buck Knives, the specific design of this particular knife is to skin game as cleanly as possible. Made from double-tempered S30V Steel, its handle is crafted from Rosewood Dymondwood.
  • Cold Steel Voyager XL Vaquero Plain Edge Knife: If you ever feel the need to do some heavy chopping, this knife is exactly what you are looking for and more. Not only is it beautifully contoured, but its grip is more than secure enough to endure extensively challenging conditions.
  • Boker Kwaiken Flipper: Having a simple, slim and sleek design on the whole, you can be sure of the fact that it exudes a sense of true class. Its blade has a satin finish plus it sports a pocket clip on one side.
  • Kershaw 3810 Dimension Folding Knife: Having an interesting modern look, it almost has a dash of futurism about it as well. That is added by the fact that it has a titanium handle.
  • SOG AE07 Aegis Folding Knife: One of the few knives that can be used in both a survival as well as a tactical sense. With a black finish, it is easy to both right-handers as well as left-handers alike.



At the end of the day, it is up to you to decide just how important it is for you to upgrade your hunting gear. And if you actually think about it, your hunting gear, on the whole could very well do with a classy-looking folding hunting knife. Or even two to three of them, depending upon your personal priorities.

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Ultimately, you need to realize the the advantages of folding hunting knives in that you don’t have to choose the aspect of practicality over aesthetics when you can get both. That is the bottom line.

Guest post by Sarah Williams

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