Why You Should Be Storing Whey Protein Powder

storing whey protein powder

The list of proven health benefits from whey protein just seems to keep growing. Whey refers to the rich liquid that’s created during the production of cheese; it is distilled to its purest essence and sold in a convenient powdered form that’s not only affordable and easy to store, but loaded with nutrition and health benefits.

Whey protein powder is often associated with bodybuilders buying it in huge vats and making protein shakes with it after a grueling workout. The truth is that just about anyone can benefit from eating whey protein, and its ease of storage is a big plus for preppers. The kidneys, digestive health and blood pressure all benefit, and it offers protection against many types of cancers and chronic illnesses.

7 Reasons You Should Store Protein Powder

1. Lowers High Blood Pressure

A 2010 study found that the consumption of whey protein reduced high blood pressure significantly in study participants. Whey protein’s affordable cost and absence of side effects were praised by the study leaders.

2. Heart and Cardiovascular Health

Studies have also shown that eating whey protein powder can assist in the reduction of the risk of heart issues and cardiovascular disease. Including whey protein in your diet can go a long way in having a healthier heart and fewer cardiovascular issues.

3. Kidney and Bladder Support

Your kidneys work hard for you every day, filtering your blood and eliminating metabolic residue from the body in the urine. If this process breaks down, health issues like gout can set in, manifesting as pain in the big toe along with acute arthritis symptoms. Rheumatism, osteoarthritis, kidney issues and eczema can all be caused by high levels of urea and other toxins in the blood and body.

Whey protein assists in the cleansing and release of waste products by priming the kidneys and maintaining their renal filters. Whey protein also stimulates urination so that wastes and toxins can be released, reducing the risk of bladder infections.

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4. Gastrointestinal Support

Whey protein is also valuable in the regeneration of beneficial intestinal flora. The lactose within the whey helps to inhibit harmful gut bacteria as it supports and nourishes the bacteria your gut needs for health. The lactic acid in whey helps to stimulate optimal intestinal function. While food fiber does this as well, but whey protein supports it at a deep chemical level. It helps regulate digestive function while also reducing flatulence and bloating.

5. A Safe, Natural Diuretic

Too much salt in the body can cause tissues to retain water and other fluids. In extreme cases, this excessive fluid in the tissues can cause edemas in the legs, eyelids, hands and even organs. Whey protein is loaded with the mineral potassium, known for its ability to offset the effects of too much salt. Whey protein will support the elimination of excess fluids and salt without causing mineral imbalances, as all too many chemically-based diuretics can.

6. Reduces Risk of Stroke

Studies have shown that the reduction in blood pressure from whey protein reduces incidents of fatal strokes as much as 40 percent.

7. Protection Against Cancer and Chronic Illnesses

A study at Ohio State University in 2003 found that cells treated with whey protein powder had much higher levels of the antioxidant glutathione, a compound known to suppress the free radicals that often lead to cancer. The buildup of free radicals within the body is associated with the development of a number of chronic diseases, from cancer to heart disease to many forms of diabetes. Since whey protein powder leads to higher antioxidant levels, eating whey protein will help your body fight the harmful free radicals that would otherwise endanger your health.

Perfect for Preppers

All of these health benefits are further enhanced by the fact that whey protein has no risks or side effects. It is affordable and comes in a convenient powder form that can be easily added to a smoothie or shake, your breakfast cereal, and even dinner main dishes or sides. Consider adding whey protein powder to your food storage plans and start reaping its long list of health benefits today (via mainstreampreppers.com).

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