How to Stay Invisible in the Woods

hide in the woods

My boys love to hunt. I grew up around men that hunted and I know have my own men that hunt. I am not interested in hearing about how hunting is murder or how my boys are cruel for killing animals. The fact of the matter is that we eat what we kill and that meat is what packs our freezer throughout the year. So I happen to love hunting. Now while my men like to hunt there are a few things that I have learned from them. The main thing I have garnered is that they need to be as camouflaged as possible. The idea is to blend into the scenery so that the animal has no idea that you are there. Does it work? Absolutely. The military has been using camo, very effectively, for many years.

When it comes to the idea of staying invisible in the woods, there are several key questions that need to be answered. What is the location you are in? What season are you in? Are you close to water? Is there snow on the ground? Are the leaves on the trees or have they all fallen off? All of these questions are important to learning the best way to stay invisible in the woods. So let’s break this down (Calories You Need to Survive).

Pacific Northwest

I happen to love this area. It is unlike any other area in the country and it has some of the most gorgeous scenery in the world. But it also requires a different type of camo than other areas. In this area you are going to find a great deal of conifer trees. These trees are tall and slim. There are typically few low hanging branches and the forest floor is rarely covered in a huge pile of leaves. So in this setting you are going to need to blend in to the surrounding area with more brown colors. The idea is to use the brown color to mimic the color of the trunk of the trees. Green is not bad, but it is not the main color you will need.

This area would also be the perfect place to use a pine needle cover. The idea here would be covering a cargo net or even a green tarp with pine needles and then wearing the suit as cover.

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Water Surrounding

The water can be a great place to hide since it offers several different holes and coverings. However the water is not the only place you will want to hide. Typically you will find that the mountains of the Appalachians have large deciduous trees that surround the creeks and the rivers. The best bet here is to cover your body in more green colors. That is as long as the seasons have not changed and the leaves are still on the trees.

What If The Leaves Have Fallen?

While the temperatures can plummet in the fall and winter of the year, this is also a time of year when it is the easiest to hide in a forest. The main reason for this is that the leaves that were once on the trees are now on the floor. The best way to camouflage yourself here is to actually bury yourself in the leaves. When the leaves fall in a forest you will learn that the floor can be both warm and deep. It is not uncommon for the floor to be covered in over a foot of leaves. So this is a great place to stay warm and to hide.

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Snow Cover

The snow is an easy place to hide. If the woods are filled with snow then your chances of staying covered will be much better. The idea here is to mimic the color of the snow. Stay away from the blue and green and red colors. Browns, blacks, and whites are going to be the best colors here.

Obviously the idea for staying hidden is to blend into the surroundings. So while this might seem simple, you will learn that common sense is not all that common. Use your brain and simply dress for the areas you are in. stay low, stay quiet, and make sure that your clothing is low key (

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