Are we living in a post-apocalyptic world?

post-apocalyptic world

I remember watching the film adaptation of Nevil Shute’s epic novel, On The Beach, almost 60 years ago. It starred Gregory Peck, Ava Gardener and Fred Astaire. It scared the daylights out of me. I also listened to the BBC’s radio serialised rendition too. It’s a terrifying tale about the aftermath of a WWIII in which nuclear weapons were used in the northern hemisphere. No side actually won as the whole of humankind ended up perishing ever so agonisingly from the resultant nuclear radiation – except for some “lucky” survivors who ended up huddled together on a beach in Melbourne, Australia, since it was the furthest point from the ever-spreading nuclear radiation.

In the movie the “authorities” had the foresight to issue everyone with suicide pills to ease and accelerate their inevitable demise, and many of the characters are continually toying whether or not to take the pill in an ever changing situation. Does this sound like your kind of book or movie? Whatever was Nevil Shute thinking? You might also know him from his most famous Australian novel, A Town Like Alice.

Fast forward 55 years and Shute’s futuristic scenario is showing signs of awakening from its hibernation. We all know how the Japanese nuclear power plant at Fukushima was destroyed by the March, 11, 2011 tsunami. That was five years ago, but in these past 5 critical years information continues to gradually seep out concerning the reality of this catastrophe. We now know there are six very large nuclear reactors at that plant. The Japanese Government has finally admitted, after years of denial/lying, that reactors 1-2-3 went into total, forever-uncontrollable, meltdowns within hours of the tsunami. Depending upon who you believe reactor 4’s severely damaged building still stands and houses 1,533 highly radioactive spent fuel rods suspended in water to keep them cool lest they heat up, fuse and explode again. This cooling tank is 5 stories high and is beginning to lean precariously due to metal erosion because of high radiation levels, the weather and subsequent earthquakes. The Japanese Government claims the rods from unit 4 where safely removed to another location on site after a massive explosion greatly damaged unit 4’s already weakened building. This would make a total of 11,000 radioactive rods stored on site. Depending on who you believe many researchers are disputing this removal. The buildings housing reactors 5 and 6 are still standing but the lethal radiation being emitted from inside them is so high that so far no one has been able to enter them to access the damage and begin repairs. Here again opinions vary about the condition and whereabouts of their inner cores. Japan’s previous Prime Minster Kan, who was PM at the time of the tsunami claims there were 6 meltdowns but the current Government denies this. With so much dis-information and lies it’s really left up to you to decide who to believe.

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I am not a nuclear scientist or a nuclear expert, but unlike those who decided to build one of the world’s largest nuclear power plants immediately adjacent to the world’s most active fault line on the world’s most tsunami prone coastline in the most seismological unstable land on our planet and close to one of the world’s largest cities, Tokyo: I could’ve done better than that: I would have used my common sense.

Hiroaki Koide, Professor of Nuclear Engineering from the Kyoto University and others like him are now saying the amount of deadly radiation leaking into the groundwater, the North Pacific ocean and our atmosphere is equivalent to a Hiroshima strength atomic explosion going off every 36 hours starting five ago and into the foreseeable future – that’s around 1,000 so far.

The Chernobyl nuclear disaster by comparison had only one nuclear reactor partially melt down and was brought under control relatively quickly – depending upon what you read, somewhere between 10 days and several months, and not before huge swathes of Europe were highly contaminated with many places still uninhabitable to this day. But the Fukushima catastrophe is forever ongoing.

If you look at weather maps of the Northern Hemisphere it’s easy for anyone, including scientists, to see where this unstoppable tsunami of nuclear contamination is headed. Firstly it makes its way via the ocean currents and the Jetstream across the North Pacific, and within days, to the North American continent. As it reaches the west coast of the US it splits more or less into two main directions – north along the coast to Alaska and south as far as South America before turning west again across both the North and South Pacific.the-lost-ways-cover

Nowadays, residents of the west coast of America only have to wander down to their local beach or estuary and see for themselves – no string of letters after one’s name necessary, and many are becoming appalled at what they see – or should I say don’t see. Before they get to the ocean they will notice there are fewer birds. This is partly due to there being fewer insects. On the beach – if I may repeat that phrase again, the only life to be found are hardy Hermit crabs as all the seaweed, kelp, worms and shell life has all but vanished – and we haven’t even entered the water yet. It’s best to go at low tide and see what remains in the tidal belts or tide pools.

In the now-sterile (nuked) water there are few fish. The West coast sardine industry collapsed two years ago, the annual salmon runs have all but ceased, commercial crab harvesting has been halted, sea lions are washing up all along the entire coastline either dead or highly emaciated. Reports are quoting that the last sea lion pup season resulted in a 100% mortality rate. Huge wales are washing up dead all along the coastline on an almost daily basis and other mass fish die offs are happening from Chile to Alaska.

As expected much of this is being put down to either global warming, plastic ingestion, red algae or some other colour coded explanation or citing lack of evidence, but this simply means few are looking for or prepared to consider Fukushima radiation. But lately some scientists without other peoples’ barrows to push are finding rising levels of radioactive nucleoids with particular signatures which can only have originated in Fukushima.


Meanwhile US investigative reporter, Bob Nichols continues to post his weekly radiation updates on the ever-rising levels of radiation in major cities across the US. So far he has managed to post up to week 55 – at the time of writing. You don’t need to be a statistical expert to interpret the data as it clearly shows a steady increase of radiation levels week by week across the US. As a basic measure of radiation levels we are told that 5-20 counts per minute (CPM) is normal background level but many cities are now constantly well above 1,000 CPM with many regularly exceeding 1,500 CPM. The US Government requires mandatory evacuation when 272 CPM is present.

You can’t believe everything you read in the papers or on the internet, but we must realise this also works both ways. It’s the total silence, the roar of silence, the lying, denial and under-reporting of this major forever-ongoing event that has incurred my curiosity and suspicions. Could there be something really serious they are hiding?

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On the one hand you have independent reporters putting this information out there, but because they are not aligned with major news outlets they are deemed unreliable or conspiracy nuts. Yes and no: there are unreliable reporters and nutters in both camps, but remember the independents are not beholden to anyone, so I challenge anyone who feels peeved off by this article to get on the internet or wherever and do your own research before labelling me. I encourage you to Google some the topics listed above for the opinions and finding of others. If you live in the US a good place to start would be to simply go down to your west coast beach. For others another good place to start is

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Some have said that perhaps the truth is to be found somewhere in between, and this is also a valid point: but some points remain constant and they are: there are 6 destroyed nuclear reactors with at least 3 of them spewing highly radioactive nucleoids into our environment, the US radiation level readings are taken from US Government recording stations and information is being highly controlled. If an atomic explosion occurring every 36 hours seems too unpalatable let’s halve that figure to one every 72 hours and of course some fish still remain in the North Pacific but only in patches and some bird sightings do occur. But this still hasn’t stemmed any of the deadly and ongoing nuclear radiation spewing into our environment.


I fear for future generations and for my grandchildren. What kind of world have we left them?

I am just hoping that I may have simply read Shute’s On The Beach once too often.

Do you think we’re heading towards a world like this?

By Garry Greenwood

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  1. Why don’t they just wear spacesuits like they did during the moon landing? After all, that spun glass protected the astronauts against much higher levels of radiation when they were up there, or so we’re told.

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