For years I and many others have been aware of the danger of a solar EMP event on the scale of the Carrington Event of 1859. The danger has increased as we’ve become more and more dependent on computer technology for even the most basic of essential services like electrical power, water, communications and transportation.

Our cars, our trains, truck and airplanes, except for a small percentage of vintage examples, are totally dependent on their built in computers and if the computer fails the vehicle becomes nothing more than a small steel junkpile.

Water, power, all of the essential services have the same vulnerability. If the computers fail they cease to operate.

Yet if the danger of a solar flare that could render all of that dead were not enough we now have to face the increasingly threat of human beings doing it to themselves. With the accelerating spread of nuclear weapons and ballistic missile technology we have a growing number of non-rational, rogue nations building the equipment to allow them to create man-made EMP events affecting large portions of the Earth’s surface.

People often make fun of those Christian denominations who believe we are approaching or already in the End Times when mankind will undergo trials and suffering. But even the most ardent of these folks can’t hold a candle to the complete nutcases in Iran who not only believe such times are coming but that it is their God Given duty to do everything in their power to bring it about.

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We have North Korea led by a short, clearly insane teenager who kills anyone who irritates him but has nuclear weapons at his disposal and building larger and more powerful rockets each year.

And let’s not overlook Pakistan, the second largest Muslim country in the world, a completely failed state which no longer controls much of it’s own territory, whose intelligence services are allies of the Taliban and who share their nuclear technology with Iran and North Korea.

Several of these countries openly and overtly label us as their enemies and vow to destroy us.


Meanwhile the countries and governments of the Western World who have everything to lose and nothing whatsoever to gain continue to treat these nations as equals, pretend to make efforts to stop the proliferation of nuclear and missile technology while doing nothing whatever to prepare for what increasingly seems an inevitable EMP attack.

You really have to wonder about the capability of the Human Race and Western Civilization to survive over the long term. We not only are building the technology to destroy large portions of the Human Race and our civilizations but those individuals and governments you would think would recognize the danger and act to mitigate it do nothing.

See what Dr. Peter Vincent has to say about that:


Source: survivorlibrary.com

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