10 Ways to Catch Fish in an Emergency

catch fish in an emergency

10 Practical Emergency Fishing Techniques

Knowing how to catch fish can be a way to an easy meal especially because the earth is covered by 70% water, meaning there are so many areas to find where fish thrive and live. In case of an emergency, fishing is the first activity that comes to mind as a source of food and in most instances, it is the only way to save a life.

The following piece of the article will discuss 10 Practical Emergency Fishing Techniques.

1. Identify a Fishing Location

This is obviously an area covered by water and with fish on it like a pond, river, ocean or a lake. Look for lily pads, weeds, or even growing grass along the water body since the majority of fish like the Salmon, Walleye, and Bass since they like hiding in such cover because it gives them an instinctive sense of security.

2. Carry Proper Fishing Gear

Ones you have identified a suitable fishing ground, use the assortment of the swivels, line, hooks you have carried in your survival kit. These essentials take very little space when packed right in the backpack, so you can have up to two long reels of line and about 50 hooks packed. It is important to carry so many because one of the emergency survival techniques of fishing requires you to run several lines simultaneously. You can also take your fishing kayak and fish finder if you like, it will make thing easy for you.

 3. Set Multiple Fishing Lines

Tying a line with a baited hook and attaching it to a low-lying branch over a river, pond, lake or ocean is one way to fish in an emergency. You increase chances of catching fish by setting about 20 lines and hanging each one of them on a different tree branch; it’s like having 20 different fishing poles all at once. One of them is certainly going to catch a fish.

4. Blast Fishing

This is where you throw an explosive in the water to stun or kill the fish which you then collect easily. A small stick of dynamite like the M80 will usually do the trick. The method is illegal but when it’s an emergency the method should be the last you think of to catch fish.

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5. Use of Herbs

This is a method that was popular with indigenous people globally. The Polk weed and Black walnut are the most common plants used to stun the fish. The plant material is just simply crushed and spread into a slow-moving stream of water either in a lake or pond, this stuns the fish causing them to float and the collection is easy from there

6. Chumming

This is simply attracting fish to food sources by scattering insects, worms, rotting animal flesh in the water. When the fish come for the food you then easily trap them.

7. Use of Spear

Keeping the available frog gigs and metal fish in your backpack is essential to cash fish in an emergency. You can craft the down and dirt gig using the green sapling alone if need be. Then stand near shallow water and wait for fish to pass by and then spear the critter.

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8. Use of Trot line

A trot line has dangling baited lines with a suspended long line between two points. However, the method is only suitable for still water and rivers. Use sticking stuff, crayfish or minnows to bait the trot line.

9. Jugging

Here you tie a baited line on a device that is floating. You can also make a cane pole fishing rig using a bamboo cane. Tie a fishing line on the pole to retrieve it from the stream when the fish gets on it.

10. Use Fish to Catch Fish

You can set aside a few pieces of fish you catch to catch other fish especially the big ones. This is because the bigger fish often eat the smaller ones and in most instances if your bait is a fish head the big fish will bite on your hook.

If you find yourself in a survival scenario like being in the wilderness, you can always pull out some fish from the local waterway if you an idea on how to fabricate some fishing gear or you have a little fishing gear in your survival kit.

However, it is worth noting that some of the techniques above for fishing in an emergency situation are illegal, but when you have to save a life, survival comes first.

Guest post by: Amilia Anderson

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