How To Prepare For Survival Fishing

Fishing has been a hobby and at the same time served as the meals for many families. Survival fishing arises when you are for instance in the wild, and your next meal may likely come from a fishing hook. Fishing using legal or illegal methods, in this case, is among the few techniques you would use to maintain your nutrition and save your life.

The existence of water bodies, covering at least two-thirds of the earth, makes fishing a top priority when you would want to survive. Here is how to prepare for survival fishing.

  1. Fishing Supplies.

The essential aspect of survival fishing is the need for a water source either as a small stream or a lake. Before discovering a water body, you should have packed several fishing supplies such as  a fishing hook, fishing poles, and fishing lines to catch enough quantities of fish.

For the purpose of having several lines to catch more fish, you would need at least fifty fishing hooks. There is a variety of fishing equipment incorporated in a backpack with minimal weight, and an assortment of hooks should be included to catch fish of different sizes.

  1. Choosing a Fishing Location.

When doing fishing in the wild, with minimal equipment for fishing, it is essential to identify best fishing areas to minimize the energy used in finding the fishing spots. The natural instinct of any fish is always to try and hide away from predators such as birds.

The fish hide in dark places such as under rocks and weeds that are potential areas for catching a large number of them. However, it is important to be careful not get your fishing line and hook tangled in the weeds and grasses.

The best technique to use in these areas is to fish vertically to avoid the tedious work of cutting loose your tangled line.

  1. Natural Baits.

The whole process of fishing is incomplete without the use of bait. The bait employed when catching fish during the circumstance of survival fishing are natural baits such as worms, maggots, grasshoppers, ants, and snails. In the wild, you would find many baits, and repeated use of different baits ensures successive catching of fish.

The natural baits can be found lying under rotten wood or in aquatic surroundings. The use of many baits in many fishing hooks will ensure catching much fish, and this will save your life even though it’s illegal.

  1. Fishing Weather Conditions.

The weather conditions in which you might find yourself surviving in will determine the number of fish you will catch. There are certain weather conditions which will favor your catching of fish as fish behave differently in different weather conditions.

During the summer weather conditions, you would be required to use long fishing lines as the fish would move deeper to get cooler waters and during fall conditions fish move near the shorelines as the fish are active there. It is ideal to catch during morning hours and evening hours as the fish are more likely to be active during the periods.

  1. Natural Poisons.

In the natural wild setting, you would be required to use alternative methods of catching fish such as natural poisons. Although it is a risky plan to use, it can serve as a source of getting your next meal by killing small fish over a short span of time.

The natural poisons can be applied in small pools of water, and the knowledge of the type of poison is essential as they serve in different geographical locations. Natural toxins include young nut husks from walnuts and lime from burnt seashells.

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  1. Deployment of Skills.

survival fishing

The critical component for any person to survive in the world is the full implementation of all the knowledge and skills that a person possesses to the fishing. It is fundamental to be patient and focused on catching fish as it is not as simple as it looks. Skills in making baskets from wood barks can also be deployed to catch fish.


Once you have caught the fish, cooking techniques used may include smoking the fish, sun drying the fish, wrapping the fish in leaves and cooking in the underground or edge of coals. It is important to always clean the fish before cooking to avoid illnesses.

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When fishing always uses any means possible to catch the fish regardless of the methods being passive or active.


The key to survival fishing is preparation and the attitude you will have towards your adaptation. The best method to use is to employ multiple techniques to use when catching and harvesting fish. These survival fishing methods can save your life.

Guest post by Brenda Baldwin

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