3 ways to attract deers

Hunting like a Boss: 3 ways to attract deer fast


Could you be an outdoor enthusiast? Do you enjoy hunting deer? Well, if yes then I guess you would love to hear the answer to that question that has always been disturbing your mind. Hunting is usually a fan activity and is always enjoyed by many but sometimes it can become frustrating when you spend most of your time on the field and catch nothing.

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Over the years, with everyone on the lookout for the best deer attractant, we’ve seen people coming up with different ways and tricks which can help them with their hunting quest. Many new methods have been invented in the past but still, there is a serious need for the top deer attractant. Anyway, with all these methods, the big question still remains how to attract that deer and bring it close enough for you to make that shot.

Well, with time flying and the technology advancing, we’ve seen the emergence of some of the good deer lures in the hunting business. These attractants help you to lure the animal into a perfect place where you can get a clear shot. With the deer at a closer range, you can then be able to take the shot and just like that, you have your deer without much struggle thus hunting like a boss. Let’s look at our 3 best deer attractants made from home.

1. Tarsal Gland spray

There is nothing really amazing like spending less amount of time on the field with good results to show for it. From research and experience, it is now well known that deer will get attracted towards an area where other deer are. This is most probably true because the deer would think that the area where other deer are is most definitely a safe place hence they will move towards the place. With a tarsal gland spray, you can use this to your advantage and attract more deer to a place where you will be able to comfortably take them down.

This product is simple to make as you will only need to cut out the tarsal gland from a deer you had previously caught and soak it in deer urine. The tarsal gland is usually located in the knee joint of the deer’s hind legs. Actually, it is pretty much simple to locate it since it is the hairiest part of the hind legs. When this is done, some oil is usually secreted hence producing a scent that will attract other deer. The deer will start sneaking in after they sense the smell coming from the tarsal gland of other deer this way you can easily make a kill.


2. Saltwater

Wait; did I just say salt water? Yes, funny as it may sound, the salt water has been proved to be one of the best homemade deer attractants and the deer usually go crazy about it. This is the cheapest homemade deer lure you can ever make as it only requires water and salt which I believe are readily available in your home.


  • For you to make this simple attractant you will be required to have a 5-gallon bucket and fill it with clean water and add a large quantity of salt until the water is quite saturated.
  • You will then pour this water in some tree stumps you had set on the ground then sit back and watch the deer starting to come in.
  • As crazy as this might be, you will be pretty much surprised how quick the deer will notice your spot and crowd it.

You can also be able to create a salt lick. A salt lick is usually said to contain some minerals which help in promoting the growth of antlers in the deer and also give them a better health.

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3. Acorn Scent

This is also one of the cheapest and best homemade deer attractants. This is a natural deer attractant that also drives the deer crazy thus helping you with your hunting activities. Apart from attracting the deer, this attractant also has the ability to cover your scent so that the deer won’t be able to sense your presence around and run away. Early during the hunting season, the deer tend to like everything about acorns including the sweet aroma it produces and also the taste it has.

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When you have the acorns, you can literally spread them on the ground or the hunting path for the deer to follow until you have them where you want them. When you finally master the trick of making this attractant, you will be amazed by the magic it performs by luring quite a good number of the animals to you. After you have made your acorn attractant, pour it in a spray bottle and spray the solution around your hunting location and be ready to have your first kill. It will take the scent about 30 days to fade away after which you will be required to spray again.



Having this attractant does not guarantee that the deer will come along; there are a few things that you will need to keep in mind for this to happen. You will need to position yourself in an area where the deer usually frequent and also take note of the wind direction when using the sprays. You also need to use the correct attractant as this can go a really long way in improving your chances of success while hunting. Have good gear on, with the best deer attractant and then go enjoy your hunting adventure.

Guest post by Robert Gate

Robert Gate is the founder of Archerytopic.com. He was enthusiastic about hunting from the first shot, from then he decided to become a pro hunter. If you find something helpful on his blog, he would be proud to hear from you.

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