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There are two “camps” on the use of or need for gas masks in these troubled times. Some say they are essential, and others say “You’re crazy!” The decision of their value is one that only you can make for yourself and your familly.

Those who say you’re crazy to think about getting gas masks for you and your family question how they could be of any use at all. First, if germs of terrible diseases come from the sky, how quickly can you get to your gas mask? Will you keep it with you every where you go? If a vial of deadly germs is thrown into a public area, will you have time to put your gas mask on? These are definitely valid questions to consider in your decision.

Natural Protection from Biological Attack

For those of you who think gas masks won’t be of much use for you and your family, or if you just can’t find any, there are some things that you can do to help protect yourselves. If you did manage to get antibiotics in advance from your doctor, don’t rush to take them. Prescription antibiotics taken in advance of exposure will not only do no good, they will put your body at even more risk. A lot of bacteria is killed by antibiotics, including the helpful bacteria that your body uses to fight off disease and infections. You would cause your body to be more susceptible to germs by taking antibiotics before exposure. And, most people won’t have prescription antibiotics on hand.gas-mask

If you know that a biological attack is possible in the immediate future, start a fasting regimen. This doesn’t mean to stop eating. A fasting regimen includes eating less, which puts your body in its own protective mode. Besides eating less food overall, a fasting regimen includes giving up fast foods, junk foods, and most sugars; adding natural fruit juices; and making all of your food healthy, whole or raw foods as much as possible (Nuclear War Survival Guide).

In addition to eating correctly, start taking multi-vitamins now. And, take natural Vitamin C with rose hips. Colloidal Silver (a natural antibiotic) would be good second addition, and grapefruit seed extract is further protection. natural apple cider vinegar with honey should be taken daily (see The Wonder “Drug” of Yesterday and Today).

Would prescription antibiotics be able to help you personally? Many people have caused their bodies to become almost immune to prescription antibiotics by using so many antibacterial products. Antibacterial soap in the shower, antibacterial soap for the dishes, antibacterial cleaners for the kitchen counters, antibacterial bandaids, etc. The use of antibacterial soap on your body kills bad germs, but it also kills good germs our bodies need to stay clean and healthy (see Safe Natural Cures under Yeast Infection and Athlete’s Foot.) Stop using antibacterial soap now so your body can rebuild its own immunities, so it can rebuild its supply of good germs. Using antibacterial cleaners on your kitchen counters is very dangerous. If you don’t clean every inch, the bacteria in the areas you missed become immune to the antibacterial cleaner that was used – they start mutating to defend themselves from the next “attack” of cleaner. Stop using these cleaners and dish soaps now. Stop putting antibacterial cleaners in your washing machine now.


If your neighborhood is exposed to a biological attack, that is the time to use all of the antibacterial cleaners, dish soap, laundry soap, etc., that you can on anything but your body (with the exception of your hands). Even better than antibacterial products may be grapefruit seed extract. It is reported to kill more germs than chemical cleaners, and it is safe and natural. This could be used to clean surfaces, clothes, hands, even food. Another natural item that may be used is Oregano Essential Oil. It is said by some that it can kill even anthrax and smallpox germs. (If there is a biological attack, and you don’t have immediate access to the most powerful antibiotic or a smallpox vaccine, it certainly seems worth a try.) Many people swear by this oil to kill a cold that is starting or prevent a flu from spreading through the family. It certainly would not hurt to diffuse some in every room. To do this, fill a diffuser with water and add 10 drops of the oil. Put a lit candle under the diffuser bowl, and heat the oil until all of the water is gone. This may take two candles.

Neither grapeseed extract nor oregano oil cause germs to mutate, so they will not lessen the effect of prescription antibiotics.


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Seal Out Germs

Since you may be on your own for all your first-aid and health care needs, it is a good idea to learn now how to take care of any special needs for yourself and your family.

If you are warned of an attack in your area, you can in advance seal your windows with plastic and duct tape. Also seal all exit doors but one (until the last), including any doors that lead to the garage. Close the fireplace flue, and seal the hearth opening with plastic and duct tape. Seal all vent openings: inside the attic, under the house, above the stove, for the dryer hose, plumbing vents on the roof (if you can’t get on the roof, you can instead cover the sink, washer, bathtub and shower drain holes and the toilet bowl), and any other openings you may have where outside air can come in. If there is time, be sure that all windows in all your cars are rolled up tight, and you can seal these windows and any vents with plastic and duct tape. This will not prevent air from coming up from under the car, but it will keep out poisons that fall from above.

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In the  event that  your area  does become  contaminated, get  yourselves and  your pets  indoors immediately  and stay there, and seal up the last door. Poisons in the air outside will eventually be blown away or diluted by clean air. Remain sealed inside until the air outdoors is safe (24 hours??? 48 hours??? 72 hours???). If your home was actually in the drop zone, clean up everything you can when you do go back outside. First, put on a gas mask or a mask with a filter, safety goggles, and gloves (if you use disposable gloves, use two pairs at once) then go out and use an antibacterial spray on any area of your home, car and yard that anyone may touch (doorknobs, doors, windows, windowsills, fencing, etc.). Wash the outside of your car. (You may want to stop cleaning at this point and simply drive away.) Wash doors, door handles, windows and windowsills on the outside of your home. Wash fencing, outdoor furniture, and tools and toys that were outdoors. Wash your hose – and anything else you or your family may touch. Many antibacterial cleaners and dish soaps and anti-bacterial sprays are available in most grocery stores. After cleaning, wash your goggles, remove the goggles and spray the goggles, remove your gas mask and spray your gas mask then wash it, and bag up the disposable gloves and sponges you used (and disposable mask if you used one). How you deal with your shoes is up to you. You may want to dispose of them. If you need to keep them, spray them with antibacterial spray, wash them the best you can, then let them dry outdoors. After they are dry, you could try one of several things: put them in the mircrowave (if they don’t have metal grommets) and nuke any remaining germs, put them in the clothes dryer on hot for at least two hours, or bag them tightly and put them in the farthest area of your yard for a few weeks, or a combination of these. Put the bag of waste in a place as far from your home as possible. Now (and only now) wash your hair and body with antibacterial soap.

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It should be noted that some biological agents are spores instead of germs, like anthrax. Anthrax spores are said to not be killed with antibacterials sprays or washing. They instead are killed with intense heat for a long time. Extra care should be taken when dealing with anthrax because the spores can be put back up into the air when you walk or clean. It is said that anthrax spores can remain alive in the yard for 40 years. Maybe government officials and their experts will give more advice on this area later.



If a vial of poison is broken near you in a public place, you may not even have time to get a gas mask on. Will you wear it every time you’re out?.

In the event of a chemical attack while you are in your home, stay indoors. You can follow all of the steps listed above under Biological Attack. It may also help to keep a good air filter working in your home. It could be 48 hours before the outdoor air is safe (

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