The Complete Safety Guide for Women Camping Alone

Let’s face it, camping is undoubtedly one of the best things you can do to relieve yourself from the pressure and stress of urban life. Camping helps you break free from the hustle and bustle of the city life. Because of this, people of all ages and genders choose to go camping.

At first, men were the usual ones that embark on camping ventures, together with their family and friends. However, it’s becoming a growing trend where women go camping. And more surprisingly, they go alone.

Sounds dangerous? Well, we totally understand you. But that isn’t really the case. Here, we’ll be showing you the best tips for women who want to go camping alone. So read on to learn the camping basics and advanced words of wisdom.

Tip #1: Trust Your Instincts

camping alone

We might have heard the saying to just trust your instincts. As superstitious as it sounds, it really is true. You might have felt feeling awkward and strange when you arrive at a camping spot. When this happens, look around you and contemplate the location.

Feel the place and based on your feelings, decide whether it’d be safe to stay there or not. Don’t hesitate to leave the place if you don’t feel like staying there. Most of the time, these gut instincts prove to be right.

Tip #2: Talk to People

Don’t hesitate to talk to people, even if they’re total strangers. Remember the saying that no man is an island. This saying means that we all need people in order for us to survive and in the process thrive. This is very important especially if you’re going to camp alone.

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You need to ask people about the place. Learn about the history of the site you’re going to stay. Most of the time, these dialogues you engage with, are life and death situations. There have already been a lot of instances when knowledge about the place has saved a camper’s life. And you can also ask for their help if ever something goes wrong. It all boils down to the reality that we all need friends.

Tip #3: Know the Weather

Though you can theoretically camp on all weather conditions, it would still be safe if you’ll venture out when the weather is good. Know the weather and keep yourself up-to-date with the local weather news.

Through this, you’re less likely to spoil your camping trip. And you can enjoy the place, even more, when you time your camping right! In an age where information can be found anywhere, there’s no reason why you won’t know if the weather’s good or bad.

Tip #4: Select the Right Equipment

Camping alone is no easy task, especially if you are a woman. Technically speaking, men are physically stronger than women, and you must accept that fact. That’s why you need to wisely plan the things that you’re going to bring with you.

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Don’t bring heavy and complicated equipment. As much as possible, keep things simple. And bring only the most important things. When camping, you need to be ingenious. You need to find ways on how you can make the most out of what you currently have.

Tip #5: Avoid Wandering Out at Night


Yes, you’re camping. And your main purpose is to expose yourself to the wild outdoors. But this doesn’t mean that you need to be reckless. Recklessness might sound cool and brave. But in reality, it’s synonymous with foolishness. Be wise and think smart. Think twice before planning to wander out at night.

We’re not saying that you should just stay inside your tent throughout the night. What we’re trying to imply here is that you shouldn’t wander off alone far from your tent. You can just hang out outside your tent near your fireplace while barbecuing some marshmallows. That wouldn’t spoil the fun, right?



With these being said, you can clearly see that camping alone is a time for you to discover yourself. Not only does this help you develop your self-confidence, but this also relaxes your mind and body from the usual day-to-day routine. Feel free all you want. Explore the great outdoors, and connect yourself with nature.

But in doing so, remember to always think wisely. Don’t go beyond the border of foolishness and braveness. When you do, there’s no doubt that you’re going to have a pretty good time camping alone. You’ll also surely be hooked up for more camping ventures.

Guest post by Melanie Campbell

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