10 Ways Duct Tape Can Save Your Life

Duct tape was invented in World War II at the behest of the U.S. Military. They were in need of a durable and waterproof tape to make emergency repairs in the field. Permacell, a division of Johnson and Johnson, created extra-tough duct tape to meet those needs. They even say that the nomer “duct tape” originated as a nickname: soldiers in the field referred to the strong tape as “duck tape” because of its impressive waterproofing abilities.

Almost every American household has at least one roll of duct tape in the house. It tends to be relegated to simple uses, though it was originally designed for survival purposes. If you ever find yourself in a desperate situation, don’t forget about the strength, resiliency and waterproofing qualities of this common household item. Here are 10 ways that duct tape could save your life.

No. 1 Canoe

If you have enough duct tape and a little wood you can make a water-worthy canoe. While this is an extreme example of the waterproofing abilities of duct tape, it makes a good demonstration of this essential quality. It is more likely that you will find yourself fashioning a duct tape patch for an existing boat or canoe.

Duct Tape Canoe
Image courtesy of a2zprep.wordpress.com

No. 2 Snowshoes

If you find yourself snowed in, a pair of snowshoes can come in handy. You may need to get to town for supplies, medical assistance or simply to find some company. Fashion an impromptu pair with duct tape.

Image courtesy of flickr.com

No. 3 First-Aid

Out of all the things the GIs in WWII used duct tape for, bandages were the most common. If you are far from home and on foot, even a simple blister can be life-threatening. Duct tape can be used like mole-skin to take pressure off a blister. It is even an effective pressure bandage that can stop bleeding.

Blister Bandage Duct Tape
Image courtesy of wideopenspaces.com

No. 4 Duct Tape Hammock

Life saving? As a hammock, probably not. But this duct tape hammock demonstrates the great strength of this handy household item. A similar design could be used as a net or even to form the base of a raft.

Impromptu Hammock
Image courtesy of theshrug.com

No. 5 Sling Shot

It takes a little practice to perfect your aim, but a sling shot is a simple, effective weapon for hunting and self-defense.

Duct Tape Sling Shot
Image courtesy of 101waystosurvive.com

No. 6 Tool Extender

Sometimes you simply need a longer handle on a knife, hammer, screw driver or shovel. Duct tape is a strong, effective adhesive that can be used to build extensions for common tools in uncommon situations.

Duct Tape Extension
Image courtesy of taylormademedicalbags.com

No. 7 Alligator Muzzle

Well, anything could happen, right? If you find yourself in the position of removing an alligator from a residential neighborhood, duct tape can be used as an effective muzzle to protect during relocation. Hey, if you live in Florida it just might happen!

Alligator Duct Tape
Image courtesy of flickr.com

No. 8 Solar Oven

Duct tape can be used to manufacture a variety of items. It makes a great adhesive for building a solar oven. Cook using nothing more than the power of the sun. A solar oven can also be used to sterilize water via boiling.

Learn how to make a functional solar oven with just a cardboard box and a little duct tape.

Duct Tape Solar Oven
Image courtesy of instructables.com

No. 9 Tire Patch

This is not a use I can recommend in good conscience. Duct tape makes a good patch for clothing, but it shouldn’t be depended on for something as important and weight-bearing as a tire. That said, if you are in truly dire straits and there is no other option, you could try patching a tire with a duct tape. Just keep the speedometer around 5 mph until you can get to a safe place or repair shop.

Tire Patch Duct Tape
Image courtesy of economicalmommy.wordpress.com

No. 10 Fire Starter

You can use duct tape as a handy tinder to start a fire. If you take a strip 2-4 inches long and ball it up loosely, or form a semi-tight spiral with it, it will catch easily and burn long enough to start the kindling burning (surthrivaltips.com)

Fire Starter Duct Tape
Image courtesy of youtube.com

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