5 Ways You Can Use Airsoft Guns in Survival

airsoft guns

What’s the first thing that comes to mind when you think about a survival scenario? Is it the end of the world and everyone is running in panic, trying to hide and escape the hell that was just unleashed? Or maybe it’s a more peaceful image, with you in a survival bunker or shelter, with enough supplies to wait out the apocalypse.

Honestly, I hope it’s the second scenario, but for it to become a reality when disaster strikes, you must have a high level of preparedness. And this is not something you can achieve easily. Preparedness can only be achieved through intense training and a continuous curiosity for learning and perfecting new skills.

For instance, do you know how to feed yourself and the family when there are no specialized tools around? You may have supplies in your survival shelter, but these will run out eventually and you need to continue eating high-quality food so you’ll remain healthy and ready for action.

In such cases, you need only one tool to work at maximum parameters: your mind. If you manage to keep all those fears and dark thoughts under control, you’ll be able to unleash the creative side of your mind. And this is the side that will come in handy when you need to improvise.

For instance, if you know how to use everything around you to create useful tools, you are one step ahead of everyone else. Still, this quality takes practice so why not start today? What uses would you assign for an airsoft weapon that happens to be in your BOB? I have five distinct uses for such weapons but if you can find more, let me know.

#1: Hunting

No, I am not talking about deer or moose – these will only be tickled by a BB (even when shot at 450 FPS). According to Goog Gun, you can use powerful airsoft rifles to shoot small game such as squirrels or rabbits.

If you’re squeamish, you should know that many people eat squirrel nowadays because the meat is healthy and packed with proteins. And, in a survival situation, squirrels may be the only game you can find. Even more, this cute critter is very easy to clean and cook so it’s ideal in apocalyptic times.

Squirrel: How to catch and field dress a squirrel

#2: Practicing

If you don’t practice, your shooting skills will fade away. This means that you run the risk of falling victim to an attack from a neighboring family (or gang) and the outcome can be ugly for you and your family. Now, if you don’t want for this to happen, you must continue practicing even after the world turned upside down.

However, a shotgun or a rifle is loud and someone listening can pinpoint your location based on the sound of the shot. If this would be a regular hunting trip, this wouldn’t be a problem but given the fact that you’re trying to survive, it’s best to stay hidden.

So, an airsoft gun is silent, accurate, and most modern models are realistic enough to help you practice and even improve upon your skills.

#3: Saving Ammo

One supply that is highly valued in times of need is ammo – you need it for protection and hunting, but you can also use it as barter coin in various transactions. Still, regardless of how much you stashed in your bunker, it will eventually run out.

To avoid a situation where you are left without any ammo in the middle of the apocalypse, I recommend using airsoft guns. The ammo for these is lightweight and can be stored in large quantities without too much fuss.

And, you already know that you can actually hunt with these guns. So, to save on live ammo, try to stick with small game for as much as possible. You should only shoot with real bullets, when you’re sure you will hit the target.

#4: Using the Battery

Some of the most powerful airsoft rifles on the market are equipped with a battery which can be used separately. For instance, you can use the battery to lit a fire (when there’s no other spark source) or the power up a tactical flashlight.

#5: Using the Components

An airsoft gun is usually made of a durable plastic (for the body) and metal for more sensitive elements like the barrel or the trigger. Now, if you strip it apart, you can use the plastic and the metal barrel, but the inner workings may be just as valuable. Exercise your creativity and try to use as much as possible of your airsoft rifle!


Guest post by Elizabeth for prepperuniverse.com

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