Log Home Plans: 11 Totally Free DIY Log Cabin Floor Plan


A log cabin or log home is not only a versatile, endearing and cost effective living solution, it is also a great way of creating your very own retreat (especially with these free log home plans!) that you can pick up and place in a wide range of spaces, providing they have the capacity to accommodate your new it of course! See down below for the free log cabin floor plans.

Utilising traditional building methods, the art of constructing your very own DIY log cabin requires implementing unique, artisan skills that call upon a whole host of natural materials.

But best of all, log cabins are relatively simple to construct yourself, providing you have the appropriate tools, quality materials, manpower and of course, knowledge and some DIY log home plans (which we can help to provide).  Trust us, there’s no better way to embrace sustainable living!

When constructing a log home from scratch, it’s important that you follow (and stick to) step-by-step instructions that detail and outline how to create a structurally sound DIY cabin, allowing you to create your perfect log home that is able to withstand the harshest environments. After all, it’s paramount that your DIY log cabin is safe, sturdy and resistant.

So here, we’ve compiled a list of some of the best DIY log cabin plans available online, demonstrating every step of the production process, from start to finish. Outlining clear and concise construction methods, the plans will allow you to create a durable, rigid and accessible log cabin that is able to accommodate your exact requirements.

But, before you go any further, it’s important that you understand exactly what you want to get out of your DIY cabin. Log cabins, like any structural living space, come in all shapes and sizes. From intimate spaces through to cabins that are able to accommodate large groups, there are lots of options to choose from! Oh, and you’ll be amazed at the wealth of facilities, home comforts and unique features available.

Of course, this also means that when it comes to building your DIY cabin, difficulty levels vary and, although many are relatively simple to construct, others are far more complex requiring specialist skills and expertise.

So ask yourself, what will you use your log cabin it for?  How often do you plan to use it? What type of environment will your log cabin call home?  All of these factors will have an impact on your choice of design. After all, if you only plan to use your log cabin a few times a year, a more basic design may suit your needs better as opposed to a cabin that you plan to use every weekend, or every day!

Once you’ve made up your mind, the next step is to get building. Here are some of the best DIY log home plans that are available online, and best of all, they’re all free! So why pay someone else to build your log cabin when you can do it yourself?

Two bedroom contemporary log home with loft and basement


If you’re looking to create a spacious, family log cabin, then this two-floor two bedroom contemporary cabin, with loft space and basement, then these are the log home plans you’ve been looking for.

Offering ample storage, living and practical space, this accommodating cabin features a master bedroom, and an additional bedroom space that lends itself perfectly to being used a guest bedroom or a space for your little one.

Also featuring all the facilities that you would expect to find in a liveable home, this plan also features adequate kitchen, dining, laundry and living room space – making it ideal for entertaining or kicking back and relaxing.

But this design’s standout features have to be its loft space and outdoor porch area. The loft space offers more than enough room to store away sports equipment, your seasonal clothing and anything else that can leave your home feeling cluttered and unorganised. The outdoor porch area is also a great addition to this cabin, providing the perfect area to soak up the summer sunshine or snuggle around a roaring fire during the colder months.

You can download these free log floor plans here:  http://www.todaysplans.net/CabinsAndSheds-Cabin1.pdf

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One bedroom concrete block cabin loft and porch

I know – these are supposed to be log cabin plans, but this is concrete block cabin is another option to add to the mix.

Although this attractive one bedroom concrete block cabin loft and porch only offers one bedroom, it is perfectly equipped to accommodate larger family gatherings.

Offering a large family room, bathroom and dinette, this log cabin is great for accommodating short breaks and longer stays, it would also make a great family home for couples.

The addition of the covered porch also adds another dimension to this cabin, providing the ideal spot to kick back and relax season to season. You also don’t have to worry about storage, as it comes complete with a spacious loft space that will easily accommodate mass storage.

You can download the free cabin floor plans here: http://www.todaysplans.net/CabinsAndSheds-Cabin3.pdf

TLW_banner2Log cabin plans for an“A” Frame cabin

 This two-story “A” frame cabin house comes complete with two spacious bedrooms, a large living/dining room, a balcony and porch, as well as an accommodating kitchen and bathroom.

Offering a distinct rustic feel, this charming build is bursting with character, and will enable you to create a space that is finished to highest standards.  Featuring durable wood flooring and a sturdy ladder that takes you up to the second floor, the frame of this log cabin is typical of many traditional structures.

You can download the free log home plans for this cabin here: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/NR/rdonlyres/AFC60E41-A8F6-4C45-ABE3-5D34AD0679B9/15503/24AFrameCabin.pdf

1 Bedroom Guest House


A log cabin lends itself perfectly to creating a guesthouse that is inviting, comfortable and bursting with character, especially if you are pushed for space in your home. Obviously, if you entertain guests on a regular basis, a guesthouse also offers far more privacy and space than guest bedrooms inside your home.

This spacious 1 bedroom guesthouse cabin will allow you to build a practical living solution that will make the ideal guesthouse.

Boasting a large spacious bedroom, a sizable main living area and bathroom, this plan will help you to build a practical living solution that is cost effective, durable and resilient. It can also easily be integrated into your property’s outdoor land. In fact many people position their guest cabins in their back yard! Of course, this set up is also perfect for other purposes, such as a cool hangout den for teenagers or a tranquil retreat for you to escape the chaos of the house from time to time.

Before embarking on any build, it’s also recommended to check your local building codes criteria!

You can download the free log cabin floor plans for this guest house here: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/aben-plans/5185.pdf

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Pole Cabin  w/Plenum Heating Log Home Plans

This 24/32, two-bedroom wood frame cabin is plenum heated, making it perfect for building a comfortable, warm family home.

Attractive inside and out, this inviting cabin boasts all the everyday facilities that you would expect to find in your home.

Featuring two spacious bedroom areas, which could easily accommodate two single beds in each room, a simple yet functional bathroom suite, as well as a large kitchen/diner area, this plenum heated cabin is great for weekend and full-time living.

You can download the free log home floor plans here to create this build yourself: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/NR/rdonlyres/BCB7C088-B906-4FF0-BA7A-3E05753AC194/15591/5997PoleCabinWPlenumHeating.pdf

Tourist Log Cabin Floor Plans

Log cabin living is extremely appealing to tourists, as it not only gives them the opportunity to experience a new way of living, in new and exciting surroundings, it also offers a comfortable retreat for them to relax and unwind. banner5_300_250

In recent years, tourist cabins have continued to increase in popularity and, in response to growing demands, they have become more accommodating and functional than ever before.

This open porch tourist cabin is small yet highly spacious, making it the ideal, intimate retreat for couples, or even solo visitors looking for a comfortable space to collect their thoughts.

These design plans show an open plan space that features ample room for a bed, bathroom and closet space. However, one of the main advantages of this particular cabin is that it has its very own large porch area, making it ideal for those who enjoy the outdoors.

You can download the free log cabin floor plans for this cabin here: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/aben-plans/5184.pdf.

5 Room Log Cabin – Log Home Plans


Perfect for large families or group vacations, this spacious 5 room log cabin boasts 5 large bedroom areas that are all super comfortable and extremely spacious.

Bursting with the character you would expect to find in a traditional log cabin, this log cabin design features two bathrooms, a large kitchen and dining area, as well as a main living area with an open log fire – another dimension that creates a striking focal point.

Other interesting design elements include a cathedral ceiling over the living room, a large walk in closet, and an inviting porch area.

You can download the free log home plans for this cabin here: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/aben-plans/5506.pdf

Buffalo Run Series – Cabin Floor Plans

This impressive family orientated cabin offers an inviting, functional and comfortable living solution that is perfect for everyday family living.

Boasting luxuries such as a large master suite, a huge kitchen and dining area, as well as spacious loft, this 3 bedroom log cabin features a total living area of 5714sq.ft – with the main living area being 3161 sq-ft and the loft and storage areas being 2553 sq.ft.

You can view/save/download the log home floor plans here: http://whispercreekloghomes.com/wp-content/uploads/2013/07/buffalorun_01.pdf

16 x 20 Cabin with Bunk Beds

This design features a 16×20 cabin that also accommodates 2 tier bunk beds.

Smaller than the other designs, this compact cabin provides ample home comforts, that make it a safe and reliable cabin, perfect for accommodating guests – particularly children who love the idea of sleeping in bunk beds!

Featuring a stove, wood flooring throughout, and a spacious living area, this cabin is great for overnight stays or short visits.

You can get the log cabin floor plans here: http://www.lsuagcenter.com/NR/rdonlyres/1741C101-A6C6-4C05-BF47-7B96E4B0F985/15610/600416X20Cabin.pdf

2 Bedroom, 1 Storey Log Home with Open Porch


This perfect family living solution features 2 large, spacious bedrooms with large closets, an inviting open porch and plenty of character.

With its 1 story design, this comfortable log cabin will open your eyes to compact yet spacious design that will give you everything that you need in a family home and more.

Boasting ample space to entertain and relax with family and friends, this endearing log cabin even features a large outdoor porch that is great for sitting out and relaxing on, whatever the season. Many people integrate a comfortable outdoor seating area into their design plans when building this log cabin, as a porch is often considered as an outdoor living extension of the home.

You can download or view these log home floor plans here: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/aben-plans/5507.pdf

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Community Log Cabin Plans

This community log cabin lend is perfect for hosting large group gatherings, activities and events.

Its huge assembly room is one of its main standout features, as it provides the perfect opportunity to hold large groups in one space – great if you run community focused events – its versatility shouldn’t be underestimated!

The community log cabin also features integrated storage space that is perfect for storing sports and activity equipment, props, and arts and crafts equipment. However, if you do not require this, the storage can also be taken down.

Other features of this community log cabin include a large kitchen area, bathroom, and even an office space – providing the ideal base to work from. But that’s not all, this cabin even accommodates a dressing room and cloak room, so it’s great for hosting theatre performances or assemblies.

You can view and download the log cabin floor plans for this community cabin here: https://www.ag.ndsu.edu/aben-plans/5602.pdf

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