Make Your Own Hillbilly Garden


This is the continuous result of the first and multiple plantings during the course of the growing season. Use a southern wall for your own Hillbilly Garden (NE Ohio transplant – originally from West Virginia) – How to Live Off Grid Successfully

Old pallets provided the wood for framing which was screwed directly into the side of the garage.

Top and bottom boards (from pallets) ripped to 1 x 3 x 28 to support milk jugs. The frame of the pallet was used for the vertical framing. Double row near caps kept jugs more secure. Four (4) jugs slide into the top board of each section.

Two diffusing hoses were mounted with timer. I am in my 3rd season and the jugs and hoses have held up well.

Even the bottom row received enough water through 3 holes drilled in the “bottom” of each jug. The soil needs to be able to drain. I have used Michigan Gold soil and potting soil in the jugs.

Jugs were slid onto the 1 x 3 through handle. The 1 x 3 is secured to frame with one drywall screw on each side.

Peppers under the other plants received water and Miracle-Gro by my automatic timer system. This year I am planting determinate tomatoes under the jugs because they can be limited to 3-4 feet height. Indeterminate tomato plants in the garden.

Different lettuces and spinach one year. Spices and other vegetables seen in other pictures from different years. If you plant carrots or radishes, make sure the soil is sandy and worthless. They need poor soil quality, whereas the other plants need quality soil.

Low maintenance. Timer set to water once a day (4 minutes at 6 am) until hot summer days begin, then twice a day (8 minutes at 6 am and 6 pm). Time is about 4 to 8 minutes, but you will have to adjust the need according to your conditions. I have a big shade tree which blocks sun in mid-afternoon. Flip switch to fertilize once a week.

Diffusing hoses in action. This provides consistent water and keeps the plants clean. Remember, the hose is under pressure, so it’s not like the hose is running full blast, but your water bill will increase.

No weeds. No animals. It waters itself. I flip the fertilizing switch on for one 4-8 minute cycle per week. This is “gentleman gardening” at its finest. Just walk out and pick fresh produce each day. Plenty to share with the neighbors. Still working on how to accomplish harvest-free gathering.

Lots of variety for great salads. Pick the outer leaves as new leaves sprout from the inside out.

Shade in my garden from about 11am-3 pm. I get morning and late afternoon sun. You will need to adjust your watering schedule to fit your need. Plants must be watered everyday (even if raining) because gutter and overhanging of roof line limits rain. You control your own environment.

DIY Building A Greenhouse

We have a small lot, but still use it effectively and have a nice green space as well.

Green beans are climbing a snow fence.

As some plants are pulled, others are replaced.

Simple set up of timer and fertilizer.

More diffusing hose action

Frost in late September.

Only had to cover twice, but that can change.

Peas planted last year on September 1. Harvested on Thanksgiving Day in NE Ohio.

My Number One helper!

Maybe he can be my harvester in a few years.

Used other spaces around the driveway and around the house. Tomatoes and strawberries the last couple of years.

Good produce with limited work. (by FarmerTuck)

Introduction to Homesteading for Beginners

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