The Lone Wolf VS The Survival Group


Today we are going to cover a topic that many people continually ponder.  Should you bug out alone or with a survival group?  The answer to this questions isn’t a simple one because there are so many factors which could come into play that would ultimately affect your decision.  Many people believe that there is strength and security in numbers which is true, but who exactly are you bugging out with?  Do you personally know each person who might join the group? Are they life long friends, family, or did you find these people in an online group who share similar interests?

Remember that in this article we are only talking about you, the lone wolf who is contemplating joining a survival group.  In this scenario you do not have any family or children with you.  We’ll talk about families bugging out alone or with a survival group in another article.

One important thing that you have to always remember is that while some people can remain calm and handle extreme stress and pressure very well, others can go completely a-wall.  The mind is a powerful thing and when people are forced into a survival situation and their life is at steak, some will do whatever it takes to ensure their own survival even if that means taking you out regardless if you were a stranger, a life long friend or family member.  Other things that can impact your need to join a survival group are the type of disaster that has occurred, the severity of the disaster, your current needs (water, food, shelter, medical needs, etc), your location, where you need to get to and how you will get there safely.

With that said you’re probably thinking to yourself “why the heck was I even contemplating joining a survival group”?  Well, there are advantages and disadvantages to both scenarios which you need to first consider.

Lets start by making a list of the pros and cons to being part of a survival group.

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Advantages of joining a survival group:

  • There is better security in numbers
  • Chores such as building your shelter, hunting and gathering supplies can be shared among the group members.
  • You will have more people to monitor and protect your bug out location against intruders
  • If someone goes turns against you or goes a-wall there are more of you who can join together and deal with that specific individual.
  • You will have people to talk to – while some people are perfectly fine being isolated and alone, others simply cannot cope without having some type of interaction with another person.


Disadvantages of joining a survival group:

  • When people are under immense pressure and stress you really don’t know who you can trust.
  • Traveling in a group can create more noise, slow you down and makes you easier to be seen or detected.
  • You always need to be on alert and be prepared for anything.  People can turn against you when you least expect it.
  • Any food that you gather will most likely be rationed out amongst the members.  This could mean very little food for yourself in the end.
  • The gear and other supplies you brought along to the group will be shared as well.  This isn’t always a bad thing but you have to entertain the idea that you could be separated from you group at any time for a number of obvious reasons.  This could result in the loss of some or all of your gear.
  • Are the other members really trustworthy? There is always the possibility that someone from the group may try to steal some of your supplies, especially if you don’t know them personally.
  • Are there any small children or babies in the group?  If so, they could severely compromise your security because of crying, screaming, throwing a tantrum, etc.
  • All loyalties within the group can quickly be thrown out the window – it could start with a simple disagreement that escalates out of control.


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Whether you plan to bug out alone or in a group there are things that you should always keep to yourself.  Never reveal your survival plans and strategies to anyone that you cannot completely trust and if you do join a survival group be very cautious with your choice of words and the information that you share.  Always have a plan b and c in place which no one else knows about.

With all that said I know there are some ideas mentioned above that may contradict each other and create more confusion.  This is where you will need to think hard before you make a final decision as to what’s best for yourself – remain a lone wolf or join a survival group.



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