5 Great Ideas for Small Garden

Are you planning to build a garden in your backyard but is too worried about it size? Did you know that there are a lot of ideas to create a small yet beautiful small garden? Here are 5 great ideas for small garden that you can do with your backyard.

It can be challenging to create a garden in such a small space in your backyard. Fortunately, there are a lot of ways on how you can have the garden that you have, no matter how small your yard is. As you all know, having your garden is essential as you will have the option to grow certain plants that you want and consume them whenever you feel like it.

The key to successfully build a garden in your small backyard is to use the space intelligently. This will include flower pots that are wall mount, furniture that can be folded, and seats that can also be used as storage. Having a small garden is an advantage since you don’t have to worry about maintaining a huge garden, which can be challenging. It will be the other way around when it comes to small gardens.


Here are 5 Great Ideas for Small Garden To Follow:


Create Symmetry and Simplicity in Your Garden

Having a symmetry and simple garden are great ideas because they will make your garden well organized. Borders that are symmetrical will also make your garden look spacious, formal, and elegant. You can use a garden tractor to help you in ensuring the symmetry of your garden.

To make sure that you will draw the eye of your visitors to your garden, you may want to create a center element, such as a porthole brick. You can also use bricks when creating paths along with foxglove that is purple and pink, and as well as a classic lavender. To add a flourish, you can add some plane lollipop and trees around it.


Re-Use Spaces that are Under-Used

Most gardeners use this way to build a small vegetable garden at home. Some people think that the smallest area in their garden is nothing but a useless space. The good thing about these spaces is that you can re-use them again. You may opt for tables that are narrow or a bench, where you and your family can relax while enjoying the view of your garden. You can add some decorative by including stone and aluminum planters. If you plant on adding sculptures, it is best to choose the ones that you want to add wisely.


Using Certain Containers for Planting

Another tip that you can do is to choose containers that are vertical. You may opt or taller containers or plant wall climbers to help you save on space. Containers that are mounted on the fence and wall will also do. Some people are using window boxes as well, or some are planting in mason jars and hanging containers.

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Dedicating a Specific Corner

If you plan on planting herbs, then it would be best to dedicate a small and particular corner for them. You may opt to use a cart that you can put in the corner for your herb pots to have a space to live in. There are a lot of small herb pots to choose from so you may opt for something that will perfectly fit on your cart.


Choose Your Shrubs Wisely

Of course adding shrubs to your garden no matter how small it is will always be a good idea. One of the best options that you will have is Flamingos, which are known to be small growers and slow and they have a compact shape. Flamingos have leaves that are glossy all year round, the flowers are urn-shaped and are pink in color. Adding this type of shrub in your small garden will surely make it look more beautiful

These are the 5 great ideas for small garden that you can apply to your backyard at home. Don’t be discouraged about the size of your yard because no matter what size it is, you will surely be able to create a garden and grow the plants that you want for you and your family to consume freshly.

Guest post by Ann Sanders

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